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Architectural Control

The East Quincy Highlands II HOA thanks you for your cooperation in maintaining the community to the high standards that we all expect. By following the good neighbor policies, problems will be avoided, the living experience enhanced, and property values will be maintained. 

Please remember to maintain your property in compliance with the Declaration of Covenants and Rules and Regulation Policies.


If you are planning for upgrades, improvements or replacements of any exterior features of your home, you must submit an Architectural Control Committee Improvement Request Form. 


Color choices for exterior painting can be found on the links below.  Please note: these are the original color schemes selected by the HOA ACC. You can take these to Sherwin Williams (which has bought Kwal Paint), Benjamin Moore, or another paint store, and they should be able to match the colors for you, to provide you with current paint color names/numbers.

Residents can also choose their own color combinations.

  • All color schemes must be submitted for approval - whether you choose a color scheme from the list below, or choose your own color combination.

  • Please include the exact paint color names and numbers for the BODY, TRIM and ACCENT, and if possible, online links, in the ACC request form.

  • Be prepared to paint 10" x 10" color swatches on your garage door, that are clearly visible from the street, if you choose your own color combinations.

  • Remember to attach pictures of the neighbor to the left and to the right of your property with your ACC request form!

List of Colors:


If plan to stain your fence please use the following approved color:


Please submit a completed ACC request form and include detailed plans and drawings of your proposed landscaping changes. Please include the specific type, color or style of the landscaping materials, including rock, mulch, bushes or trees, etc. that you would like to install. 

Below are links to a few City of Aurora resources:

Replacing a dead tree? Please submit an ACC request form indicating the type of tree you would like to plant.


Solar panels are permitted within the HOA, however you must submit a completed ACC request form and attach drawings, plans and all other details regarding panel type and installation location.


Xeriscaping is permitted within the HOA, however you must submit a completed ACC request form and attach drawings, plans and all other details regarding the rock, mulch, bushes etc.

Below are a few resources from the City of Aurora:


The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) has up to 45 days to respond to your request. We will make every effort to meet your planned start date requests. Plan for your project, and submit your ACC application well in advance, to allow sufficient time for review.

Note: Approval by the HOA is only for design work; additional approvals or permits from the City or County may be required!

Please email the completed form, design work, links, photos and any other supporting documents to

Forms may also be mailed to:

East Quincy Highlands II HOA

P.O. Box 359

Littleton, CO 80160-0359

Please note: Sending forms via the postal service may add to processing times.

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