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Join the Board!

There is still an open position on the Board of Directors. The Board meets every other month or on
a quarterly basis. They oversee covenants, neighborhood improvements and various other projects. Board meetings will be posted on the website with information for how to join online. If you are interested in being part of this integral part of our community, please contact us at info@cc

Architectural Control Committee

We have an Open ACC Review Position!
Please contact us for more details.

Join the Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch is a crime-based prevention program that stresses education and situational  awareness. Everyone who lives in a participating community is part of Neighborhood Watch,  homeowners and renters. A community’s success with this program is only as good as the participation.  This is a volunteer program who relies on volunteers in the community.  More information is available here.

Description for Area Coordinator – Neighborhood Watch (Volunteer) 

Would you like to volunteer as an Area Coordinator? Some of the Area Coordinators responsibilities are but not limited to: 

1. Meeting attendance (4 meetings per year) 

2. Communicating meeting and event information with Next Door, community Facebook  Pages, and HOA/Metro District where applicable 

3. Assisting community on how to report crime, sharing crime tips 

Please remember this is a volunteer program, not a guarantee that crime will not occur. We are not a  citizen vigilante group.  

Neighborhood Watch helps reduce the risk of being a victim through education and prepares citizens to  respond accordingly to suspicious activity.  

If you are interested in becoming an Area Coordinator in your community or have additional questions, please contact Jennifer Dubrow at

Please be safe...LOCK your car...REMOVE all valuables. 

We have been informed of a car break-in recently, so please be careful!

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