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Trash and Recycling

Waste Management provides your trash and recycling service. 

Effective the week of 05/01/2023
your service day is Tuesday.


Trash collection for next week - January 15, 2024


MLK Jr. Day falls on a Monday, so all residential trash and recycle collections will be delayed by one day for the entirety of the week.

  • If your service day falls on or after an observed holiday, your service that week may be delayed by one day. Regular service resumes the following week.


Trash and Recycling are now picked up on Tuesdays! 

Trash will be picked up weekly on Tuesdays, Recycling pick up is every other Tuesday.


View the 2023 recycling calendar, posted below.

Missed pick up?

Please contact Waste Management directly.

You can report a missed pick up by calling Waste Management, or via online chat on the WM website.

Please remember to bring in your trash and recycling carts after the trash has been picked up. All trash and recycling carts must be stored in an enclosed space, such as in the garage or behind the fence.


​Waste Management will provide each​ ​homeowner with up to two 96 gallon trash carts, and two recycle carts. All trash and recycling must be inside carts​ ​provided.

New Cart: Please contact Waste Management directly if you need new trash or recycling carts.

Additional Cart:  If you need additional carts (beyond two trash and two recycling), you can order one or more for just $6.65 (Trash) or $6.65 RMO (Recycle) per cart per month. Additional carts will be billed directly to​ ​residents by Waste Management.


NO mirrors, lightbulbs, window glass

NO ceramics

NO styrofoam

NO plastics other than bottles

NO hazardous materials (paint, motor oil, antifreeze)

NO garbage

NO carpet

NO clothing

To learn more visit:



Please call Waste Management directly for additional services.

For information regarding service delays or disruptions, visit:

Update from Waste Management!

With effect from May 1st 2022, Waste Management will be providing you with a second 96-gallon cart at no additional cost. That means you can have 2 WM trash carts at your current service rate. Using a wheeled, lidded cart will make it easier to move extra waste to the curb on collection day and contribute to a cleaner community for all. 

Request a Second WM Cart
You can request a second trash cart and/or a second recy
cling cart (subject to RMO - Recyclable Materials Offset charge) at no additional cost.

Call Waste Management at 303-797-1600 to request your second cart.


If you need additional carts (beyond two trash and two recycling), you can order one or more for just $6.65 (Trash) or $6.65 RMO (Recycle) per cart per month.


When calling WM Customer Service for an additional cart, please include all the following information:

• Name of HOA community • Service Address
• First and Last Name

• Contact Number • Email Address
• Do you need a Delivery, Swap or Additional Cart?
• What Size Cart You Need

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